FAQ: zenon Academy & zenon Trainings

FAQ: zenon Academy & zenon Trainings

Where can I find trainings?

Inside the zenon Academy you will find all our online trainings. Simply access all courses instantly and for free.
You can also book face-to-face trainings directly from the zenon Academy website.

I am new to zenon. How do I start? Is there a beginner's guide?

We offer various online trainings covering the fundamentals of zenon. You can find them (and more advanced training courses) for free in the zenon Academy where you can also book face-to-face trainings.

Where can I find changes in zenon versions?

To stay up to date with the newest zenon version, you can check out our COPA-DATA website as well as the zenon update trainings in the zenon Academy. We will present new features and changes in short videos and you can easily update your zenon Basic Certificate to the newest version.