Checklist: Smart Client does not work

Checklist: Smart Client does not work

Time estimate: 20 minutes

Please go through all the points in the following checklist. If necessary, confirm with IT Department any information you cannot verify before contacting your local COPA-DATA Representative.
Checklist usage: #. [Quick hints] (point refers specific module/product) Point description.
  1. Screenshot and followed instructions of error/warning messages shown.
  2. Smart Client was installed successfully.
  3. Installation logs can be found in different locations in the %TEMP% or other folder depending of the product version and the pre-requisite.
    You can use a search file application to find specific text in multiple files simultaneously.
    Most common keywords when looking for erroneous messages are: exit, error, failed, code, etc..
  4. zenon Administration Service (zenAdminSrv.exe) is running as a service.
  5. Smart Client ran and was closed correctly before.
  6. Smart Client is registered as ‘Standard’ in zenon Startup Tool.
  7. Smart Client has the same or higher version of Service Engine Server.
  8. Searched and followed error instructions in LOGs related with npzenWebCli.dll.
  9. All zenon components write in the background messages to joint log file(s) saved in '%programdata%\COPA-DATA\LOG' folder.
    These files can be read and configured with Diagnosis Viewer.

    You can modify the logging level of a component by clicking 'Client Configuration' in 'Settings' menu and after select the respective process name.
    Attention: Set the logging parameters wisely as the time-frame of the LOGs decrease when increasing the detail of the logs written.

    You can also find LOG files in SIC in 'Platform > Versions > Version XXXX > Directories > LogDirectory' folder.
  10. Smart Client Starter: When starting via a command line or a link with arguments, the command syntax is respected (arguments are case sensitive).
    1. Rules for project and computer name and name of the 'init' function do not have the characters: [space] & : = ;
    2. Period (.) , hyphen (-) and underscore (_) are permitted if they are not at the start of the name
  11. Consulted documentation topic Smart Server > Smart Server, Smart Server Pro and Smart Server Pro Light > Error handling.
  12. In case Smart Client closes unexpectedly, disabled zenon API, re-registered zenon and restarted Smart Client.
  13. zenon API can be switched off by editing the respective sections in zenon configuration file (zenon6.ini) located in %CD_SYSTEM% folder:
  14. If applicable, in case when executing a VBA macro an exception is thrown deactivate the option "Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks in Internet Explorer (Tools > Internet Options > Advanced).
  15. If VBA/VSTA/ADDIN macros cannot be executed, make sure the corresponding entries are set in zenon6.ini file.
  16. Searched in Knowledge Base if a previous issue has been addressed.
If the problem persists after completing this checklist and followed corrective actions, please contact your local COPA-DATA Representative providing a SIC-Reduced Report from the target computer(s) and the result of this checklist – please include any additional information or comments related with the points addressed you find relevant.

System Information Collector is a standalone COPA-DATA application that collects relevant data about the Operating System and zenon Software Platform for troubleshooting purposes. SIC is installed with zenon and can be started from zenon Startup Tool (Tools).