Checklist: HTML Web Engine

Checklist: HTML Web Engine

Time estimate: 20 minutes

Please go through all the points in the following checklist. If necessary, confirm with IT Department any information you cannot verify before contacting your local COPA-DATA Representative.
  1. Screenshot and followed instructions of error/warning messages shown.
  2. HTML Web Engine application ran before.
  3. System requirements are fulfilled according documentation.
  4. The number of client connections by Microsoft IIS has not been reached in Windows desktop operating systems - this number depends on the version installed. For Windows Server operating systems no limitation applies.
  5. Required modules have been installed.
    1. zenon Smart Server (includes Microsoft Web Deploy installation).
    2. IIS Publishing Service.
  6. Service Engine Connector (requires [VBA] and respective EVENTS to be enabled in zenon configuration file (path: %CD_SYSTEM%zenon6.ini) is started.
  7. When using encrypted communication between Service Engine and Service Engine Connector:
    1. 'Encrypt Service Engine Connector communication' is enabled in Startup tool > Network configuration.
    2. Password set in the Startup tool and in zenon Web Engine Deployment tool for web application is identical.
    1. No errors have been displayed when:
      1. Compiling the project for web in Engineering Studio.
      2. Deploying the project in the Web Engine Deployment Tool.
    2. All required modules for the Web application have been successfully installed for IIS.

    3. Searched and followed error instructions in LOGs related with the processes involved in IIS web server computer:
      1. HTML web engine application: WebEngine_[ApplicationName].
      2. Service Engine.
      3. Service Engine Connector: zrsConnector.
      All zenon components write in the background messages to joint log file(s) saved in '%programdata%\COPA-DATA\LOG' folder.
      These files can be read and configured with Diagnosis Viewer.

      You can modify the logging level of a component by clicking 'Client Configuration' in 'Settings' menu and after select the respective process name.
      Attention: Set the logging parameters wisely as the time-frame of the LOGs decrease when increasing the detail of the logs written.

      You can also find LOG files in SIC in 'Platform > Versions > Version XXXX > Directories > LogDirectory' folder.
    4. zenon components Engineering Studio, Service Engine and Smart Server have the same main and build number. The web engine application was re-deployed after build update has been performed.
    5. User login in the browser so that HTML Web Engine can query and display data from Service Engine.
    6. zenon Element is supported by HTML Web Engine.
      1. Screens have been set to 'Available in web'.
      2. In case HTTP Error 500.30: Variables data type properties have not been modified, e.g. Boolean variables have two limits defined in the project.
      You can find more information in Windows Event Viewer (Event ID: 1032 || Source: IIS AspNetCore Module V2) pointing the name of the variable that can be causing troubles.

    7. Searched in Knowledge Base if a previous issue has been addressed.
    If the problem persists after completing this checklist and followed corrective actions, please contact your local COPA-DATA Representative providing a SIC-Reduced Report from the target computer(s) and the result of this checklist – please include any additional information or comments related with the points addressed you find relevant.

    System Information Collector is a standalone COPA-DATA application that collects relevant data about the Operating System and zenon Software Platform for troubleshooting purposes. SIC is installed with zenon and can be started from zenon Startup Tool (Tools).