Checklist: Engineering Studio cannot start or closes unexpectedly

Checklist: Engineering Studio cannot start or closes unexpectedly

Time estimate: 30 minutes

Please go through all the points in the following checklist. If necessary, confirm with IT Department any information you cannot verify before contacting your local COPA-DATA Representative.
Checklist usage: #. [Quick hints] (point refers specific module/product) Point description.
  1. Screenshot and followed instructions of error/warning messages shown.
  2. Engineering Studio ran and was closed correctly before.
  3. [Task Manager > Details]  [Command Prompt: netstat -a -o | findstr :50777] Administration Service (zenAdminSrv.exe) is running and listening on the configured port (default: 50777).
  4. COPA-DATA Services listening ports configuration can be found in zenon Startup Tool:
    Application > Options > Listening ports (Administration Service).
  5. Restarted computer, re-registered zenon and started Engineering Studio from zenon Startup Tool.
  6. Searched and followed error instructions in COPA-DATA LOGs related with Engineering Studio (zenone32.exe), zenAdminSrv.exe and (Database Service) zenDBSrv.exe.
  7. All zenon components write in the background messages to joint log file(s) saved in '%programdata%\COPA-DATA\LOG' folder.
    These files can be read and configured with Diagnosis Viewer.

    You can modify the logging level of a component by clicking 'Client Configuration' in 'Settings' menu and after select the respective process name.
    Attention: Set the logging parameters wisely as the time-frame of the LOGs decrease when increasing the detail of the logs written.

    You can also find LOG files in SIC in 'Platform > Versions > Version XXXX > Directories > LogDirectory' folder.
  8. Engineering Studio starts without any Workspace or Project loaded.
  9. zenon Startup Tool allows to select the Workspace and Project that are loaded when Engineering Studio is started.
    After selecting Engineering Studio, press F2 and enter the Workspace path and the start project name in the Engineering Studio area (empty inputs are allowed).
  10. Disabled zenon API, re-registered zenon and restarted Engineering Studio.
  11. zenon Programming Interfaces (API) can be switched off by editing the respective sections in zenon configuration file (zenon6.ini) located in %CD_SYSTEM% folder:
  12. Renamed Settings folder ‘C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\COPA-DATA\zenon\Editor’ and restarted Engineering Studio.
  13. [SIC-Reduced] Required Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributables are installed.
  14. MVSC++ Redistributables setups can be found in zenon Software Platform installation medium folder ‘.\AdditionalSoftware\Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributables’.
  15. Searched in Knowledge Base for previous issues that have been addressed.
  16. [SIC-Full] Collected process crash full dump files in case Engineering Studio closes unexpectedly and produces an unhandled exception.
  17. Crash full dump files can be generated by adding a [DEBUG] section in zenon6.ini:

    Future full dumps will be saved in the ‘%programdata%\COPA-DATA\zenonXXX’ folder.

If the problem persists after completing this checklist and followed corrective actions, please contact your local COPA-DATA Representative providing a SIC-Full Report from the target computer(s) and the result of this checklist – please include any additional information or comments related with the points addressed you find relevant.

System Information Collector is a standalone COPA-DATA application that collects relevant data about the Operating System and zenon Software Platform for troubleshooting purposes. SIC is installed with zenon and can be started from zenon Startup Tool (Tools).