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The COPA-DATA Community Forum serves to encourage the exchange of information and experience about the zenon software between forum users respectively zenon users.

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    • Not being able to open logic project

      Hello, I'm having issue opening logic project in Logic Studio in zenon 11 I get this message. This is happening to all Logic project I try open. On other computers the Logic project opens normally so this is not problem of project but the computer. I
    • Project Backup Error Timeout

      Hello all, I am facing a strange problem where the following error occurs during Project backup, Project locked and project backup timed out. I came to the forum to find a solution, but still couldn't solve the problem, which has been bothering me for
    • create dynamic dataset on Zenon Logic

      Good morning, I have a zenon Logic instance with a IEC 61850 client (I/O driver). I need to create dynamic datasets, but I don't know how to do it. With zenon, it is possible to do it through the IEC850 driver using a specific menu, but I need to do it
    • zenon runtime server

      I am going to fill this and run it, but I have problems in different parts of it, what exactly should I do? Can you give me an example or tell me the path of the folder that should be given to it, especially the target folder part? a) Runtime server:
    • Zenon 11 two clients whit different login.

      Hello I have a project where there are three computers. see the picture below. The first computer has an engineering studio and runtime. The second computer has the client 1, and that user is read-only. The third computer also has the client 2 and it