zenon Software Platform Help now available online

zenon Software Platform Help now available online

We are very pleased to announce that the help for the zenon Software Platform is now available online.
From now on, the entire zenon Help for version 10 is available at: https://onlinehelp.copadata.com

In this online help you will find support for:
  • Service Engine and Engineering Studio
  • Logic Service
  • Report Engine (as of July 2021)
  • Service Grid (as of July 2021)

Have a look at our newly integrated release notes. They list all the new features across the zenon Software Platform. Our recommended reading: The chapter "Renaming to zenon software platform" gives you a quick overview of the new product names starting with version 10. Also, the entire zenon Logic Help has been integrated into the online help. And, of course, you can still reach the zenon API documentation on this web page, too.

In addition, with the new zenon Help you can:
  • browse for the entire documentation
  • set bookmarks
  • submit feedback
  • navigate via links
  • print individual chapters
  • get term descriptions from the integrated glossary

Also for version 8.20 the documentation for Editor and Runtime as well as the API documentation are available online.

Enjoy browsing through our new online help!

This is a migrated post! Originally posted on 10.06.2021 by user gernot.bugram. Please be aware that information can be outdated.