Zenon Server-Client RT Licensing

Zenon Server-Client RT Licensing


Can someone please explain which licenses are needed for this configuration:
1x Primary Server (Historian, Ex-Trending, Message Control, Report Generator...)
1x Secondary Server (redundancy to Primary Server)
2x Client RT

I know that the primary and secondary server need two identical licenses for redundancy to work, but how about the client runtimes?
Do I still need full licenses with all modules for each client RT (basically the same licenses as for the server)?

What are the actual differences between Server and Client runtime other than a setting in the development environment? I know that server stores and handles the data and client displays this data via the server, but imagine this scenario; I have a server and a client computer and I want to use Report Generator functionality (licensed module) - this means that I would need two licenses with report generator module. One installed on the server and one on the client. The licenses would be exactly the same, same tag number, same included modules... the only thing that would diferentiate between the two computers is not the actual license, but only the setting that is set in the development environment.

If I re-think this situation, the actual question is if there are any financial benefits from having two servers and two clients from the licensing point of view?

I was wondering this for some time now, so any elaboration on this matter would be appreachiated.

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