Zenon Runtime connected to multiple PLCs

Zenon Runtime connected to multiple PLCs

Dear All,

I would like to ask about network settings. Our Zenon application will communicate with multiple PLCs on the field (Beckhoff PLCs)
But these PLCs are not on the same network, not in the same IP range. Therefor we have multiple network adapters in the computer for Zenon.

My question is, how or where can I configure which network adapter is used for a specific PLC connection?

For better understanding:
LAN1: 192.168.1.x
LAN2: 192.168.2.x
PLC1 can be reached via LAN1 and PLC2 can be reached via LAN2.

How can I configure PLC1 driver in Zenon to use LAN1?

Any input is very much appreciated.

Best regards,
Zoltan Pasztor

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