Zenon runtime 8 does not execute VBA macro

Zenon runtime 8 does not execute VBA macro

Dear all,

I am unsuccessfull at running VBA macros from the operator's runtime.

VBA editor seems to work ok since I can create a form and play with it (buttons, ...).
However, when referencing thisProject.Variables it gives back an Empty object.

I have tried the 2 ways I found to run VBA code but nothing happens (messagebox nor writefile) when I try :
(A) by running a macro from "macro list" (connected to a LeftClickUp event of a button).
(B) calling a function that calls a VBA macro (public sub).

Another strange behaviour is : when on a zenon button I set (via zenon functions) to open the dialog show the list of Macros, nothing happens :( !!!

By the way, does a a documentation of Zenon Objects exist (except the VBA object browser) ? Maybe a good old CHM file ?
Maybe also some sample code could be great... (zip, ... ).

Any help will be appreciated.

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