Zenon Object data exchange

Zenon Object data exchange


In zenon project I have data type (bunch of structures and data types), what contains information about production object. In library for add-in, I have object with same named structure of clases and properties as in zenon project.

When I run wizard, every time that object initialize again and I read data from zenon project by variable.GetValue(). It's a little tedious and time expensive if u have to read or write big set of data.

Is there are a way, to make some kind of container, where you will be able to write state of client object (snapshot) and dynamically read state of that object for dedicated client?
Object exist if that client still connected and while disconnect it will garbage collected

Container is for dedicated client. If client have access for few projects, than that main container must have sub containers for each available project with project objects inside.
If some kind of that is possible it will help with data exchanging between zenon and add-in logic.
Add-ins will operate on that project objects, and zenon will dynamically read and write to that object.

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