Zenon network - bandwidth requirements

Zenon network - bandwidth requirements


Has there been any testing to determine the bandwidth requirements for Zenon network? I.e. what is the minimum required connection speed between 2 servers or a server and a client? Any maximum on latency?

We are considering a network which utilises DSL connections via copper pilot cable to remote ends of a site (no fibre or cat5 connectivity). DSL devices present a network as a single LAN (so normal TCP traffic is not a problem), however, it has lower line speeds than there would be with 10base-T ethernet connecting the 2 points.

I understand the answer might be a bit 'depends on the number of variables' etc, but am curious if CD have conducted any testing? Would there be any specfic recommendations to ensure system works better (maybe 'Permanently read varaibles' turned on etc).

Zenon Client <-ETH-> Switch / DSL <----------------DSL-----------------> DSL / Switch <-ETH-> Zenon Server

Example type device eg Westermo DDW-226. Would a baud rate of 1024000 = 1Mbps be quick enough?



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