WPF DependencyProperty & structural variable behavior

WPF DependencyProperty & structural variable behavior

Hi all,

I have two types of dependency properties, with different naming conventions in registered "name" argument, what is equal to zenon variable name:
1) PlainVariableName
2) Plain.Structural.Variable.Name.With.Some.Amount.Of.Levels.Or.Plain.Variable.With.Dots.In.Name

When I change variable value in zenon runtime, in wpf side both properties updates correct.

When I try to set value to properties with dependency property in wpf side, in first case of naming convention it will update value of zenon variable in zenon runtime also.

If I use second type of naming convention, then even if I change property value in wpf, than nothing happens. Variables values in zenon runtime remains the same.

Question: has to second naming convention work with dependency properties in wpf? (in both sides wpf <=> zenon runtime/client)
Do I need to do some additional settings in case of second naming convention to force it work?