Visual Studio, Config files and Zenon 7.6/8.0

Visual Studio, Config files and Zenon 7.6/8.0

I have an app.config file which i use in my addin project.
I am building my addin with visual studio and have set the
properties of the app.config to copy always.

When I build with Zenon 7.6 as reference in the project. The file is copied to the bin/Debug directory and renamed
library.dll.xml. However when i unzip the addin, the config file is not included.

Now interestingly if I use Zenon 8.0 as reference and do the same procedure, the app.config is renamed
and put in the output directory, the config file is included in the scada addin.

I dont know how visual studio uses the copa data developer tools and zenon version as reference.

I would like this to work using both zenon 7.6 and 8.0, any thought about this or is there any known
problems using 7.6 zenon with visual studio and config files ?


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