Visibility from 2 variables

Visibility from 2 variables


Is any posibility to make a visibility depends of 2 different variables?

Current status I have:
-variable "Pos[BVAR]" where BVAR is changed for 10 positions (10 different blocks of HMI)
-graphic with visibility from "Pos[BVAR]" (graphic is visible on block no.2 when i have value from 1 to 5 for Pos[2] )
-working visibility for this graphic with good one position (eg. if on position 2 I have value 1, I can see a graphic)

What i need:
-If "Pos[2]" have value 1 (I can see a graphic in 2nd block) I need extra rectangle on this graphic which one will represent occupied state. But this new rectangle have to get visibility of variable "Occupied[1]" (1 = value from "Pos[2]") and show it only in this 2nd block, because in the same time I can have this graphic visible in any other blocks with different value than present one and there can be occupied too.

I hope, that my explanation is enought, to understand it.

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