SNMPNG32 Driver

SNMPNG32 Driver

Question about driver configurating SNMPNG32 Driver:

How is it possible to include a MIB so, that the OID browser in the TAB "Offline MIB Liste" shows the translated Name of an object while browsing ?
This so that a human is able to select an objectadress by a understandable Name and not the cumbersome numbers. I thought that's the idea behind using MIB's.

The MIB is available in the agent and as a file. Does the File need a spcific Name to be recognised by the driver to translate OID to symbolic name ?
I assume the directory to put the MIB file is "%ProgramData%\zenon820\CommunicationProfiles\SNMP-MIBS according the Help for the driver configuration.

There is no comment about relation ( MIB-file name <=> selected agent ) in the help and unfortunateltly neither an example!

The same for the Dialog to create a new OID in the Oflline-MIB list. An example would be helpful instead of just mentioning that the OID has to be correct (interpretable = according the normes)....

Thank for any help

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