Set and archive values of internal variables

Set and archive values of internal variables

Good afternoon,

I’m, trying to set and archive the values of some internal variables in Zenon 8.0 project. I’m using a C# application to set the values of each variable through the “SetValueWithStatus” method, in this regard I’ve the folowing questions:

  1. What should be the “int” value of the argument “Status” that we should pass on the method “SetValueWithStatus”?
  2. When I set the value on the internal variable I want also set the time stamp (which is not the actual Zenon time stamp), using the method “SetValueWithStatus” will make the time stamp of the sent value same as the arguments I’ll pass in the method?
  3. The time stamp value that I want to set have the following format “190617174042”. In the method “SetValueWithStatus” we have the arguments “int Time” and “short TimeMiliSec”. What is your suggestion to make correspond my time stamp format to these arguments format?
  4. After setting the value of the internal variables I want to log/register these values along with the time stamp, what is the right procedure to make after setting the values? Does the internal variables have some method that we may use to automatically register and log the values?



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