send telegram with 6byte data using modrtu32

send telegram with 6byte data using modrtu32



Can somebody help me with the following.


I want to send (driver MODRTU32) a modbus telegram(0E 10 18 D6 00 03 06 08 F7 00 00 00 01 5D C4) to a comap controller.

The telegram must command a reset in this controller.


I have made a recipe that puts the correct data in a variable(an array of 3 uint).

So if you push on the button the data is transmitted but in 3 separate telegrams(checked with wireshark).

I have checked the helpfile and added the “[MODRTU32]

BLOCKWRITE=1 “ to the init file of the subproject where the driver is configured; restarted the servers but still no luck.


Do you need to do something else to use this block transfer?

Would it be possible to make a variable type of 48 bits so the server sends it in 1 telegram?

Any other ideas?


Energy edition 7.6

ps: i know there is another similar topic  but the proposed solution isn't working