Saving time and variable assignment

Saving time and variable assignment

We have been using smart objects for the past six months, and it is very efficient, but we have two major problems.

Saving / Import time
We have about 10 smart object templates with about 20 variables and 20 released properties each. Some more complex than others. In total we have about 250 instances of different smart objects. When we do changes on our templates, we experience up to 40 minutes of saving time. It is mainly dependent on how many instances we have of the template.
Our workaround is to work on the templates in another project where we only have 1 instance. Then we test it and finally we import it to the original project. This works, but we end up waiting for 1-2 hour(s) in total for importing all templates.

Variable assignment
Right now, we drag’n’drop each of the variables in the 250 instances of our smart objects. With about 20 variables each it is quite time consuming. Furthermore, we must test that each variable has been assigned correctly. So, for the job of assignment and the testing of correct assignment we are looking at lots of work hours.
If it were possible to assign variables by code / script, we could save a lot of development hours. We have just started planning a system that has between 1000-2000 instances of smart objects. And the manual work here is going to be huge.

Any workarounds or plans to improve these challenges?

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