Runtime freeze on event-triggered recording operation

Runtime freeze on event-triggered recording operation


I have developed a C# program to read data from CSV files and register variables data in the historian. I canot use the Zenon drive to read my CSV files because they have a diferent format from what is aceptable by the Zenon drive.

Everything is going perfect except the fact that when the C# program is executed by Zenon in the runtime it freeze during 2 to 5 minutes (depending on the number os CSV files it is reading). Normaly te number of files to be read is from 10 to 20.

I'm using an event-triggered recording type operation to archive the values when reading it from the CSV source files. The number of values registered everytime the c# program is executed is something arround 2000 divided by 7 diferent variables. Registering consecutively 2000 values based on event-trigered operation can be the reason of the application freeze? Should I reduce the number of values registered in each operation ?
Thanks in advance for any help and eventual sugestions to solve this problem.

Best regards,

Carlos Martins

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