Process Gateway working status in Runtime

Process Gateway working status in Runtime


First of all, to give my question some context, this short introduction:
Very often, in energy industry specific applications we do, there is some kind of telemechanic communication channel with parallel or parent system.
This channel is of course created using Process Gateway. It is vital that it works continuously, but there were few cases of PG.exe failure. Since there is no (known to me) way of informing Runtime user about PG.exe issues, here is my question:

Is there any way to show the status of every PG.exe in Runtime? Currently, I have VSTA macro checking every 30 seconds if process name containing "procgate" is currently working in Windows, but this solution is far from perfect if we use more than one PG instance - those cannot be differentiated by process name, which is the same for every instance.

I hope you can help me solve this problem.

Best regards,

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