Process Gateway OPC UA used to initiate IEC61850 Double Commands

Process Gateway OPC UA used to initiate IEC61850 Double Commands


I am at the moment working on a project conversion from Sicam 230 to Zenon Energy Edition and I have some questions on the Sicam Gateway functions which now have to be programmed using the Process Gateway.

In Sicam 230, I have the following concept:

- Sicam SCADA Servers connected to x IED's using IEC61850.

- IEC104 connection to a higher level dispatch center. (AK driver in combination with the Gateway function found under Variables)

- OPC connection using the Process Gateway to initiate double commands to the HV switchgear in the IEC61850 IED's.

- Two Boolean variables are available in the Process gateway: CB_OPC_ON and CB_OPC_OFF. To initiate a switching command, a "1" is written in these variables for 1s.

- These variables trigger a gateway rule in the Sicam 230 Gateway. There a connection is made to the IEC61850 Command variable, and so also the Command Group and response variable.

- This Gateway handles the SBO data exchange with the IED because OPC cannot handle this.

When trying to convert this in the Zenon Energy Edition using the process gateway, I have some problems:

- I try to connect the two boolean variables CB_OPC_ON and CB_OPC_OFF again to the IEC61850 command variables. I tried using a Rema on these variables, which activates a "write set value" function when the value of boolean variable becomes 1. This does not work, because these functions seem not to work when you try to write on a variable which has a link to a Command Group. I then tried the same writing code in VBA, but with the same result. The values are not written on the command variables. When I remove the command groups on the command variables, the vba script works, but then my commands in my Zenon screens don't work any more. The popup screen does not appear any more because the Command Group is missing.

So my first question is: is there a way to write on the command variables using "write set value" functions, VBA, ... without removing the command groups?

Is there another approach on how to deal with this problem?

A second question is related again to the gateway, but now for commands coming from the higher level dispatch center:

I have the following concept in Sicam 230 which has to be converted to Zenon Energy Edition:

- Sicam SCADA server is connected to IED's using IEC61850.

- Sicam SCADA server is connected to a higher level dispatch center using IEC104 (AK driver)

- The Sicam Gateway handles incoming double commands coming from the dispatch center sent to the IEC61850 IED's. So the Gateway connects the AK driver command variables to the IEC61850 driver command variables and so also the connection to the command group on the IEC61850 variable, making the connection with the response variables in IEC61850. This response variable is then also routed to an AK driver response variable which is sent back to the dispatch center.

- On the incoming IEC104 commands, an interlock is programmed: command will only go through, if the Sicam SCADA system is in Remote control. (this is an internal variable, datatype = BOOL)

In Zenon, using the process gateway, I can route the commands coming in in IEC104 to the IEC61850 IED's, however, as far as I know, there is no possibility to put an interlock on incoming commands. I added an AutoRemoteCommand action in the command group, but as stated in the manual, even when you program interlock conditions on it, the software ignores them and sends the commands to the IED's anyways. I tested it too but unfortunately the manual was right.

Is there a way to program interlocks on incoming commands from the proc gateway in another way?

Thanks for sharing your ideas,


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