Process gateway modbus | dcs

Process gateway modbus | dcs


I have an issue with ZPG(Zenon Process Gateway), in DEMO mode Z 7.2 version i have been checking data transmission from ZPG to DCS as Modbus master. In this scenario, i have polling from Modbus simulator. Actually the whole process takes place here like IED signals to zenon server by IEC61850, then moving to DCS by ZPG in Modbus.

Set up is like IED is connected to Zenon server, then signals are communicating and also ZPG signals are polling in modbus simulator(Master).

If the condition, IED is offline then no signal is reporting to zenon server, but meanwhile ZPG is still running and Modbus Master can able to polling from ZPG slave as response.

Note: Runtime is running in both the condition.

If its behave like this, then how DCS master can switch over from Hot to Standby.?

Aim of this activity is to maintain Hot-Standby fail over respectively with DCS and ZPG also.

Kindly address this issue and suggest me to solve this problem if anything is missed in execution and implementation.


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