Multiple PLC with same Zenon RT

Multiple PLC with same Zenon RT

Hello Team,

I have connected 5 PLC's with Zenon 7.60 as multiple instance driver. When any one of the PLC is switched OFF for maintenance purpose and switched ON again then that particular PLC tags are not automatically polled in RT, remaining 4 PLC's are polling the tag's. I need to exit RT and restart RT to make a connection of all the PLC's.

We simulated the same scenario in our LAB and found that PLC connection without exit RT was taking more time depends on number of tags created for that PLC.
Ex: For 2 tags it is taking 2 minutes and for 5 Tags it is taking more time. But when I exit Zenon and restart RT then all PLC's are connecting immediately.

I need a support to solve this issue. Can you please suggest a way to rectify this problem.


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