IEC870 driver, use originator in REMA

IEC870 driver, use originator in REMA

I former used Sicam230 before I recently switched to zenon v8.20.
In Sicam230 I used M1-M8 in REMA to be able to recognize the source of a command TI45/TI46 and display it in CEL. But when I use these M1-M8 in zenon (1=external scada, 127=zenon) no entry at all are generated in CEL. But as soon as I deactivate M1-M8 ON and OFF commands are printed in CEL - but without knowing the source of the command.

Anyone that knows if M1-M8 are used for another functionallity in zenon compare to Sicam230? Or is there another way to do it i zenon?

Thanx in advance.


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