GOOSE publisher via zenon Logic

GOOSE publisher via zenon Logic

Dear support team

I use zenon 7.10 for my diploma dissertation. I need to create SCADA for medium voltage system model, where I use 2 control relays (ABB REF615) as my IEC61850 IEDs. I want to control these relays (to open and close circuit breakers) by GOOSE messages.

I created zenon Logic project with IEC850 driver and I configured connection with "IEC 61850 Server incl. GOOSE". On the "Model" tab I uploaded my server configuration (.icd) in which I included proper DataPoints and GOOSE messages (which I want to send). Now I can import from server configuration DataPoints that are responsible for circuit breaker closing/opening (1st attachment), but when I toogle them to "TRUE" the program send all GOOSEs related with this DataPoint (in effect I open/close both CB in the same moment by one command).

Is there a possibility to send a single GOOSE message in zenon? Maybe there's another solution besides Logic?
My GOOSE messages configured in .icd file are visible when I upload a config in "GOOSE" tab in server configuration (2nd attachment), but this option let me only to receive GOOSE. I tried to use function block "IEC61850_Write" but I doubt this is working properly for GOOSE.

I will be very grateful for help, because I can't go any further with this problem.

Best regards.

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