Events via CEL using MODBUS

Events via CEL using MODBUS


Zenon CEL is a powerful tool to show events that happened in a SCADA system. Currently, I'm dealing with a protection relay that log events internally. The device is interfaced with MODBUS protocol and I'm collecting data from it. Everything so far is straightforward with no issues.

The relay has an Event Recorder that writes to a collection of registers and I can access these registers. Values that can be retrieved such as event date (MM/DD/YYYY), event cause and many more. When I added the events to Zenon 11, via some internal variables linked to REMAs (with "In CEL" checked), I receive the event in SCADA time and NOT in the relay time.

For example, Overcurrent Event occurred at (1/1/2023) will be shown as (5/29/2023). Now, the registers that store the date show the correct event time (1/1/2023) but because MODBUS is NOT a time-based protocol, I'm receiving the event in SCADA time (5/29/2023).

I need a way to store events in device time and not in SCADA time.

Please if any further explanation is required feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance.