Control Functions via PLC (S7-1500)

Control Functions via PLC (S7-1500)

Hello everyone!

I'm pretty new in the Zenon Editor World! Currently I'm using V7.6.
The preperation for my Bachelor Thesis includes programming an Interface module (Multi-Instance FB's) in TIA Portal V15 for the
Batch Control Module in Zenon.
Right now, I can start the recipe in the Zenon Recipe Editor and send all the required Information to my PLC to start/stop/pause the
Controlmodules for my Hardware.
Next Step will be another Interface module for the overview over an recipe with ID, Name, Step, Status.. That will be no Problem, because I
think I can use the Aggregat Runtime Informations.

Now I would like to lock a recipe from starting. I found the function "Execute recipe command/Change mode" and in that function are several commands, such as
start, stop,... . How can I set a variable from my S7-1500 to start the function "Stop recipe" (for example)?
Is that even possible?

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

Daniel from Germany

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