compare time variable with system time

compare time variable with system time

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Hi all,
my VBA skills are not very nice.. so i would like for some help, if possible.
I'm trying to compare the actual system time with an interval time between two variables. I tryed it with 3 variables (2 for the interval and 1 to check if it is in the interval or not) and works fine. Now i'm trying to check with system time with "Format(now)" like an another user suggested me. The problem is that i cannot compare because of the variable types..
Public Sub LeftClickDown_teste(obElem As Element)
Dim mytime1 As Variable
Dim mytime2 As Variable
Dim mytime3 As Variable
Dim state As Variable
Dim teste As Time

Set mytime1 = thisProject.Variables.Item("time1")
Set mytime2 = thisProject.Variables.Item("time2")
Set mytime3 = thisProject.Variables.Item("time3")
Set state = thisProject.Variables.Item("timestate")

'actual time
teste = (Format(Now, "hh:mm"))
' this was a test with 3 internal variables
'If mytime3.Value < mytime2.Value And mytime3.Value > mytime1.Value Then
If teste < mytime2.Value And teste > mytime1.Value Then
state.Value = "1"
MsgBox ("TRUE") ' for debugging
'MsgBox ("FALSE")
state.Value = "0"
End If

'Debug.Print state.StatusString
'state.Value = "1"

End Sub

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