CAdsWatchServerR0::AdsParseSymbol invalid array index!

CAdsWatchServerR0::AdsParseSymbol invalid array index!

Dear colleagues,

I have got a Zenon project which causing the error "CAdsWatchServerR0::AdsParseSymbol invalid array index!"

According to the Beckhoff support it is caused by accessing some variable what does not exist.
In the new ADS *.dll the accesses via ADS are better monitored. This message means that you try to access an array index in the controller from a C# or other high level language via ADS, which is not available.
Example: In the PLC project a test :ARRAY[0..2] OF INT; was defined. However, in the high-level language program you want to access e.g. Test[3], which is not defined in the PLC.

Is there any efficient method of crosschecking variables used in Zenon with the ones declared in Bechkhoff TPY file?

Thank you in advance.

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