Backfill Trend data using DNP3

Backfill Trend data using DNP3

Hi guys

I am using Zenon Supervisor as a central SCADA monitoring @ 400 RTUs that send data on DNP3 protocol, over GPRS modems.

The requirement is that whenever the communication link fails, the data must be logged in the RTU. We are using Sixnet RTUs that have this data logging feature. This way, time-stamped data is being saved in the RTU in a .csv file.

When communication is restored, the SCADA server must automatically retrieve this stored data and backfill trends, alarms and other logs.

Can somebody tell me if this feature is available in Zenon. Most other DNP3 drivers like that from Schneider support this feature.

"This is the inherited feature of DNP protocol that you can enable the event logging in the RTU or in other logging device when there is
a communication loss between SCADA and RTU. In this case RTU log the value of data linked with time to log the certain samples.

All the DNP Client will have the feature to retrieve the logged information from stored events as soon as the communication gets established
again. Similarly Vijeo Citect is having this feature also there is no such limitation with Vijeo Citect. There are certain parameters which will have
to setup in Citect INI parameter file retrieve those logged event in Trend graph automatically."


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