Accessing Variable property from VBA function call

Accessing Variable property from VBA function call

[Zenon Editor 6.51]

I'd like to achieve the following, but I'm at a loss;

When a variable reaches boolean value '1' (via a PLC), I need to execute a VBA macro that will handle a further process. Alas that process needs to know the name of that particular variable.

A sollution would be to create a seperate function for each variable, and hardcode the string (name) in VBA. But seeing as I need to do this for roughly 1200 variables across different projects I think there could be an easier way. I'd like to have 1 universal VBA macro that could handle it for each variable.

I could tie in the limit of the variable, a function that executes a VBA macro but somehow I need to parse on the information of the variable name.
In the latter case I need to access information about the parent object, which is the function caller. I do not know how to do that, or if it's even possible.

In short: Is it possible to access information of a object caller (in this case a variable) in this way?

Looking through the forum I don't see a thread about this issue, so I hope someone would be able to elaborate this conundrum for me.

Many thanks in advance,

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