104 Driver Error

104 Driver Error

Good Afternoon,

I am adjusting an old V460 project, made in version 6.51.
The project is running correctly in a substation and I am using the back-up of this system.
To configure the project I am running VMware with windows XP on a windows 10 computer.

When I Restore my project back up I can run the runtime but I get the following error:

Zenon version : 6.51 sp0 build5
ms windows ver. 5.1service pack 3
Processor: x86
Exception code C0000006

The same error I get when I try to open my IEC 60870-5-101_104 driver. (Found under Sprecher Automation).

The run time opens all other drivers but this one.

I get the same error when i try to open other projects made in version 6.51 in this VMware and a colleague gets the same error when opening in another VMware.

What causes this error and how am I able to fix it?

Best regards,


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